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Blackbirds - Year 3


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Welcome to Blackbirds

Class Teacher: Miss Bridewell


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Cooper and Mr Adlam


Other adults that work with us: Mrs Fielder (Tuesday Afternoon) and Mrs Rolleston (French- Tuesday Afternoon), Mr Telfer (P.E. two terms a year) 


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Wednesday 26th September
Light and Dark 


Children went outside to see which materials were the best to make curtains. 

The children had to decide whether the materials were opaque (don't let any light through), translucent (let some light through), or transparent (let a lot of light through). 

The children found that the red carpet would make the best curtain because it was opaque and would not let any light through.                          




Monday 24th September 

This week children have started learning, practising and drawing their story maps for Roald Dahl's Little Red Riding Hood. I would love for the children to be performing what they know so far. If there is an opportunity for them to do so, please encourage it!                                                       

Thank you, Miss Bridewell 


In our Art sessions, we are learning about Vincent Van Gogh who painted Starry Starry Night. 


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