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Who’s Who at St Martin’s Primary School

Headteacher:  Ms Kate Chisnall

Deputy Head:  Mrs Helen Fielder



Mrs Susan Gallagher (Monday and Tuesday) - Reception Robins

Mrs Helen Holland (Wednesday to Friday) - Reception Robins

Mrs Karen Scott (Monday - Tuesday)- Year 1 Sparrows

Mrs Kate Lanning ( Wednesday - Friday) -  Year 1 Sparrows
Miss Pat Heslop (Tuesday to Friday) - Year 2 Doves

Mrs Suzanne Browning  - Year 3 Blackbirds
Miss Suzanne Harvey - Year 4 Woodpeckers            
Mrs Kim Hamblin - Year 5 Nightingales
Mrs Annette Lawrence - Year 6 Owls                   
Mrs Jenny Hinder - Non class-based Inclusion Manager and Special Needs Coordinator
Mrs Hilary Fisher - Intervention Teacher and Year 2 Doves (Mondays)

Mr Jody Rivers - Sports Coach


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Nicky Cooper          Miss Bev Marsden         Mrs Jane Haworth (HLTA) 

Mrs Amanda Fisher       Mrs Carol Thomas         Mr Phil Grant                

Mrs Claire Durk              Mrs Adriana Binks       Mrs Lorraine Kercher  

Miss Amelia Herrington Mrs Tracey Smith        Mrs Alison Smith

Mrs Sally Hall



Midday Supervisors:

Mrs Tina Anslow         Mrs Lorraine Kercher   Mrs Sally Hall         

Miss Amelia Herrington  Mrs Adriana Binks   Mrs Alison Smith


Office Staff:

Mrs Debbie Kempson          Mrs Clare King           Mrs Gwen McClure

Caretaking and Cleaning Staff:
Mr Phil Grant (Site Manager)

Ms Debbie Stephens     Mrs Marilyn Butcher      Miss  Stacey Bryant


Parent Support Advisor:

Mrs Debbie Portendorfer



If you have any concerns about the welfare (including worries about radicalisation) of any of our children  please contact the following people:


Designated Safeguarding Lead: Ms Kate Chisnall

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Jane Haworth (Mrs Helen Fielder)

SENCo and Inclusion Manager: Miss Jenny Hinder

Child Protection Governor: Mrs Claudine Dunning

Child protection leaflet