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100 Club

St Martin’s Primary School PTA has launched a school lottery called the 100 Club. Each member buys a number (1-100) for a draw which takes place each month at the PTA meeting. There will be 12 draws in total and the membership fee is £12 for the year. Results from each draw will be displayed in the school.


Joining the ‘100 Club’ is a great way for you to support your PTA and help raise money for our school.

Half of the £12 membership fee goes towards fundraising and the other half goes into the monthly draw.

You can buy more than one number and friends and family are also welcome to join.


The money is divided into 3 prizes, so the more people that take part in the '100 Club'... the higher the prizes!


If you would like to join, please complete the form below and return with payment to the school office. The PTA will contact you with your number(s)