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2-d shape and The Repair Shop

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This week we are working on the properties of 2-d shapes, such as hexagons and parallelograms.  We have made ourselves posters to help remember them.

We are planning to apply to The Repair Shop to see if they can fix the crib scene which was used for our Epiphany Service in St Martin's Church recently.  Mrs Lilley came to talk to us and ask for our help.  The figures are made of wood which has become brittle over the years.  The crib is nearly 90 years old and some pieces have broken off and are lost.


"St Martin's need your help!  We have statues [which] are broken.  Please may you help us!  You need to mend baby Jesus' arm, the ox's horn, the sheep's leg, the magi's arm and the shepherd's bottom part of his leg.  You really need to help us.  We need your help because the crib scene is really precious for St Martin's Church and the school.  If you help us if you do we will be really thankful to you. 

From Tytus at St Martin's Primary School"