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A busy week: watching Aladdin, our production and Christingles at St Martin's Church

Here are some extracts from our writing journals about our visit to the Pantomime at Salisbury Playhouse.


Woodpeckers were really lucky to be able to see the pantomime Aladdin, which is playing at Salisbury Playhouse.  We enjoyed the acting, the singing and the dancing and we liked being able to join in, shouting, 'Behind you!' and booing Abanazer.  Watching the performers on the stage helped us to think about our own performance of 'The night before Christmas'.  It was fantastic to be able to learn from professionals.


This visit was part of the Beginners Please! programme which we will start in the new year.  There will be lots of workshops and visits to the Playhouse.  In the summer we will even be performing there in the Salberg Studio.


The Night Before Christmas

Here we are in the 'green room', waiting to go on stage for our production of 'The Night Before Christmas'.  We really enjoyed taking part and we hope that our audiences enjoyed watching.  The songs were really catchy and we also liked learning about the poem, which was written nearly 200 years ago by Clement C Moore.


"Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,

in hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there."

Making Christingles

To end this term's RE, Woodpeckers were lucky to be invited to St Martin's Church for a Christingle service.  First we made our Christingles with an orange, red ribbon, four cocktail sticks, some dried fruit and a candle.  At church Mrs Lilley, who is Churchwarden and also one of our Foundation Governors, welcomed us and we had our short service.  We sang 'So let's dance and rejoice' and said some prayers; we talked about the symbolism of the Christingle; and then we lit the candles and sang 'Like a candle flame'.


"The symbolism of Christingle

Each piece of the Christingle holds special symbolism to help children understand the importance of Jesus and the Gospel, and its relevance at Christmas time.  

  • The orange represents the world
  • The red ribbon (or tape) symbolises the love and blood of Christ
  • The sweets and dried fruit represent all of God’s creations
  • The lit candle represents Jesus’s light in the world, bringing hope to people living in darkness"

From the Children's Society website (see below)


It was a lovely service and we were very glad to be able to take part in it.  Thank you, Mrs Lilley.

Christingle at St Martin's Church