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A visiting woodpecker, educational games and a Viking invasion

A Viking invasion

At the end of a busy year, Woodpeckers really enjoyed playing with Miss Harvey's Viking Playmobil set.  We used our historical knowledge to act out the Vikings invading and settling in a new land.

A green woodpecker visits

We have been drawing and colouring pictures of woodpeckers this week and it was lovely to be visited by a green woodpecker on Friday.  It was feeding a fledgling so we hope that there will be many more woodpeckers in the school grounds in the next few years.


Here are some copies of our pictures:

Playing (educational) games

This week we proved our ability to work in small groups to read instructions and play some educational games.  They tested our understanding, as well as our maths and English skills.  After we had played one game, we had to write a short explanation of how it worked and what was good about it, in order to recommend the game to other children.  Then we swapped games and played the new game.  We worked really well in our groups and it was good fun to test our skills in a different way.