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Adopt a musician and life in Ancient Egypt

Andy from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Andy from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra is the musician we have adopted as a school.  He visited us on Wednesday 27th September and played a variety of 'instruments' for us, including a conch shell and a hosepipe!  It was amazing to feel the vibrations through the pipe as Andy blew into one end.  We could hear the sound move around as someone waved the bell at the end of the pipe.


Andy also showed us his tuba and talked about how it was shiny because it was gold-plated but was really made of brass.


We are looking forward to working with Andy over the coming year and to composing music with him.

Life in Ancient Egypt

As part of our work on ancient Egypt, we have been learning about what everyday life was like.  We studied pictures of the activities along the banks of the river Nile and we found out how important the Nile was to Egyptians.  We saw pictures of farming and boats carrying goods along the river.  We looked at pictures of people mummifying bodies (we want to find out more about this!) and people learning to use hieroglyphs.


We split in to groups and became experts and then we told other people about what we had learned.  Woodpeckers are really good at speaking and listening activities like this.