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Adopt a Musician and working with Robins

This week we had a workshop with Andy from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.  As part of the Adopt a Musician project, we are working with him to produce a piece of music inspired by our own artwork.  In the summer we will perform this along with all the other classes.  The theme is our local area.


Woodpeckers are focussing on Salisbury Playhouse because of our Beginners Please! project.  We will have a model stage and we are designing scenery, characters, props and costumes as our artwork.


With Andy we are composing a piece of music using instruments and voices.  It is really interesting to create our own music and we are looking forward to the performance.

Our artwork designs

Working with Robins

On Friday mornings we visit our reading partners in Reception.  First of all, we read with our partner and then we practise phonics and sounds.  We enjoy playing I spy.  Then our Robins partner chooses an activity: construction, colouring, playing games, making models and painting are just some of the learning activities we join in with.


Robins are doing really well with their reading and we very much enjoy learning with them.


This is a model which Nadia made with her partner.  Doesn't it look great?