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Adopt a Musician Concert and Viking Workshop

Salisbury Playhouse Artwork

Here is our artwork which was used during our performance with Andy from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.  We have been thinking about Salisbury Playhouse as part of the Beginners Please! programme, so it made sense to choose this as our local area venue.  Inside the model playhouse there was the set for the story of Little Red Riding Hood and that's what we composed our piece of music for.  It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed working with Andy and Jess.


We hope that all visitors enjoyed the whole-school performance on Friday 4th May. It was lovely to see so many parents, governors and friends there.


Woodpeckers are writing about this project for homework this week, so watch out for some writing and perhaps some pictures being added to this page.

Viking Workshop

Woodpeckers enjoyed a Viking workshop with Kate from Salisbury Playhouse.  The weather was lovely so we worked outside, starting with a game in the outdoor classroom.  We were Vikings in longships setting out from Norway to travel the 500 miles to Northern Britain.  Good and bad weather along with loss of supplies affected our progress and neither of our ships reached Britain!


Then we pretended to be Viking families, collecting tools and gathering supplies.  We earned them on cards by answering questions about Viking life.  We also hunted in the school grounds for resources and earned points.


Finally, we chose a Viking character, such as Olaf the Wall Builder, and we had to make up a saga, like the ones the Vikings told around the fire on cold nights in the longhouse.  We told the rest of our class our saga to entertain them.