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Antony Gormley clay sculptures and PE

Antony Gormley-style sculptures

We have made some clay sculptures in the style of Antony Gormley.  First, we researched his life and work using the computers.  Then we looked at pictures of his artwork and his art installations.  Some of us have seen one or two of his sculptures in real life.  We learned how to manipulate clay and we had a go at making our own clay model people.  Next we will make our own art installation somewhere in the school.  Watch out for the photographs on this web page.

Golden Mile running

We are running our Golden Mile.  Here we are seeing how many laps of the playground we can do in four minutes.  Some of us ran round 7 times!  The more we practise, the faster we get!

Volleyball in PE

In volleyball we have learned about setting, spiking and serving.  We are beginning to play in small games and our skills are really coming along.  We are looking forward to a mini tournament in a couple of weeks' time.