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Last year's Welcome jingle. Listen to the shows for this term's.

A New look to Red Cloak Radio!


On Monday 23rd May Russell Prue, our marvellous "Radio Man", visited to make our station portable. We  can now record anywhere in the school and broadcast wherever we can plug into the internet. In the afternoon, Radio Crew2 had a fabulous time with him, working on a prepared package for their final show.

Check out the slide show for our new system in action.

Thursday 9th June Broadcast

Ryan, Abedur, Sophie, Taylor and Phoebe had a one off chance at being part of the Radio Crew this week. Joshua helped plan the show but was unfortunately ill on the day. Ryan and Sophie, who was producing, stepped in to take over his items. Get well soon Joshua.
The show was edited for the website by Ben.

Thursday 25th May Broadcast

Josh, Kornel, Joshua and James broadcast the final show of the term. Rosie and Peyton were there on prepared packages but were both ill for the live show. Get Well soon! Jason stepped up to produce the show instead of Rosie.

Thursday 5th May Broadcast

Vinnie, Wade and Lily present their second show. Ruby was part of the planning but was, unfortunately, ill so Taylor, who produced the show, stepped in for her item. Jason assisted with script writing and coaching.

Thursday 28th April Broadcast

Joshua, Rosie, Joshua, Peyton and James have broadcast this afternoon with Kornel producing. The music they played was Rixton's Wait on Me and Stevie knows by Olly Murs. They were assisted by Jason

Recording from Tuesday 19th April

Lily, Wade, Vinnie, Taylor and Jilly recorded their show this time and learnt how to edit it. Ruby produced the show and they were assisted by Jason.

Tuesday 9th February Broadcast

Kornel, Rosie, Joshua, Peyton and James broadcast their debut show to visiting parents this afternoon and were produced by Joshua.

Tuesday 2nd February broadcast

Ruby, Taylor, Vinnie, Wade and Lily made their radio debuts today with Jilly as Producer. Click on the player to hear their show.

Recording from 12th January

This is Jason, Alfie, Jayden, Joshie, Izzy and Scarlett's final show. Postponed and reworked from last term.
Well done to Term Two's Radio Crews.
Look out for broadcasts from a new pair of radio crews.

Thursday 19th November broadcast

Radio Crew 2's live broadcast.

Thursday 12th Novemner broadcast

A St Martin's Day Special by Radio Crew 1. The music is a worship favourite of ours and was performed by Daniel Sheils and Mark Newbon. Check out their other worship songs at their youtube channel.

Thursday 5th November Broadcast

Click the link above Bradley, Joshua, Isobel, Zariya and Anthony for the first show of this term with Callum as producer.

Thursday 8th October Broadcast

Callum, Isobel, Zariya and Anthony have already recorded an audio newsletter. Here is their debut live broadcast which was produced by Bradley. Joshua was part of the planning but was, unfortunately, ill. Click on the player above to hear their efforts!

Audio Newsletter

There is no live broadcast this week, but Bradley, Callum, Joshua, Zariya and Anthony, our Radio Crew 2, have recorded an audio version of this term's newsletter. The music was David Guetta and Dangerous but it has been edited out for copyright reasons. A full version of the newsletter is on the school system for the children to listen to in class,

Thursday 23rd September Broadcast

Here are Scarlett, Izzy, Josh, Jayden and Alfie in their debut show. It was produced by Jason.

Click the player above to listen to Radio Crew One's first ever broadcast. We think you'll agree that the children, ranging from Year 1 to 6 did brilliantly.