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Magna Carta.

Mrs Fordham wrote a song for Blackbirds to perform in their Celebration Worship last term. Woodpeckers also performed it for their presentation about the Magna Carta at Salisbury Cathedral. Here they are, singing together, for a one off performance especially for Red Cloak Radio.

Magna Carta

VIP visitor.

On Friday 26th June, John Glen, our local Member of Parliament, visited us and older members of our Radio Crew interviewed him, broadcasting live to the school. The whole crew prepared the questions, collating them from around the school.

John Glen interview

Term 6 Radio Crew 2 - They're here!

Radio Crew Group 2's debut broadcast withKunle, Haley, Bram, Joshie and Blake. This broadcast was produced by Finn.

Thursday 25th June show

Term 6 - Radio Crew Group 1 have arrived

Welcome Charlie, Shanice, Anthony, Lacey, Marcia and Archie to Red Cloak Radio for their debut broadcast.

Thursday 18th June Show

Term 5's Radio Crew Group1- Final Broadcast.

We say goodbye to Chloe, Luke, Amelia, Sebastian, Leo and Minar with the reading of this month's newsletter,


Group 1 Thursday 21st May Show

Term 5 Radio Crew Group 2 Final Broadcast.

This is the last we'll hear from Hollie, Jwana, Hayden, Riley, Ahmed and Henley for a while.

Group 2 Tuesday 19th May show

Group 1 VIPs in the house!

This was an extra special broadcast as the radio crew had the chance to practise their interviewing technique. Listen out for a fascinating interview with our Zambian visitors.

The show was beset with illness and appointments so our crew of 6 was down to 2 by the time of broadcast. Well done to Leo for editing his script so quickly. A special thank you goes to Imogen for standing in at the very last minute and reading Amelia's script! We hope the full crew will be back on for their next broadcast. Get well soon Luke!

Group 1 Thursday 30th April Broadcast

Group 2 are on air!

Here is Radio Crew 2's debut show


Group 2 Thursday 23rd April broadcast

Term 5's Radio Crew have started

Here is Group 1's debut broadcast.

Group1 Thursday 16th April Broadcast

Thursday 26.2 show.

Radio Crew 1's final broadcast before they start to train new radio crews.

Thursday 26th February 2015

Thursday 12.2 show.

Radio Crew 2's final broadcast. They will be training up new radio crews next term.

Thursday 12th February

Thursday 5.2 show

Radio Crew 1's final broadcast! They will begin to train up another crew next term.

Thursday 5th February

Thursday 22.1 Show.

Radio Crew 2 with their first set of reports from our Passport Around the World afternoons.

Thursday 22nd January

Thursday 15.1 Show

The children are talking about what they have been doing this term.

Thursday 15th January

Music has been edited out for copyright reasons.

Newsletter 8.1.15

As well as creating radio shows, the station is used for cross curricular activities.

Click on the link below to hear the World War One poem 'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae.  The poem, read by Ellie from Owls, was used in a multi-media presentation during a whole-school performance marking the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI.

In Flanders Fields

'In Flanders Fields' by John McCrae. Read by Ellie in Owls.

Newsletter 2

Click on the link below to hear the recording of our second newsletter of the year, recorded by Radio Crew 2.

Newletter 2 link

Radio Crew 1 Broadcast 18th November

Radio Crew 1 have planned and recorded this special First World War Remembrance Show detailing some of the things they have been learning during our whole school topic. Music is edited out of the podcast for copyright reasons The full show can be heard by the children in school.
If you have any comments or requests, remember you can contact us at

Radio Crew 2 Broadcast 25th November