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This is where you will find our shows from Academic Year 2016/17

Thursday 16th March 2017

Tyler, Muhtadee, Grace Jean, Spencer, Maizie and Skye have been practising their improvisation and editing skills this week. It was touch and go as to whether they would be ready for a live broadcast but they made it!

Thursday 2nd March 2017

This week, Crew 2 have been doing something a little bit different. They have recorded then edited three items which have been interspersed with live work. Their editing skills are really coming on and they are practising their precision mouse skills.
In Honour of World Book day and Shrove Tuesday, the music was "I love Reading" by Fabulous Lemon Drops and "Pancake Day" from ITV's Maid Marian. Both of these can be viewed on youtube.

Thursday 22nd February

Sickness has hit Red Cloak Radio this week with both Maizie and Grace Jean being away. Grace Jean chose the music during the planning session on Tuesday: Phaar-Far Bowvee, some Thai music we had used during the Around the World topic last year and Shawaddywaddy's Johnny, Remember Me; one for the olds!
Tyler, Muhtadee, Spencer and Skye did a great job filling in for them and we wish them back to school soon.

Thursday 2nd February

Tyler, Grace Jean, Spencer, Maizie and Skye have been working on their second show produced by Muhtadee.

Thursday 26th January

Alexia produced the debut show for Ziqi, Hayder, Chloe, Joseph and Kieran. They are aiming to get more speech and interviews in their next show. If you have something you'd like to announce or would like to hear about, let us know using the contact sheet above.

Thursday 19th January

Group 2 didn't get their planning time this week so they have been practising their interview techniques. Click on the link to hear their edited first interviews. We think you'll agree they did brilliantly! Alexia, Ziqi, Hayder, Chloe, Joseph and Keiran are looking forward to using their skills in their debut show in a couple of week's time.

Thursday 12th January 2017

Listen to Muhtadee, Grace Jean, Maizie and Skye with Tyler producing their debut show. We think you'll agree that they did really well in their first attempt at creating a show from scratch.

Thursday 1st December

Here is the final show of the year! Well done to all those involved since September. Listen to Kodie, Harry, Arthur and Humaira being produced by Daniel as they announce the shortlist and winner of the VOICEBOX joke competition. The music was Danny Kaye and the Muppets' version of Inchworm, in honour of our Maths afternoon, and Company by Justin Bieber; both of which can be heard via youtube or similar streaming sites.

Thursday 17th November

Phoebe, Ellen, Kirk, Vaidence and Elliot continue their radio crewship with a reminder of our VOICEBOX Joke Competition. The show was produced by Tyler. Remember the tracks cannot be broadcast via the web due to copyright but can be found on youtube or similar streaming sites.

Thursday 10th November

Sebastian, Kodie, Daniel, Arthur and Humaira kick of this term with news of a joke competition run by VoiceBox. Get your entries to us by 21st November and we will be telling a shortlist of five of the funniest on Thursday 24th of November. Each class gets to vote for their favourite and the winner will be announced on 1st December. The winning joke will be sent to VoiceBox to for a chance to take part in the grand final in London. Today's show was produced by Harry.

Thursday 20th Ocober 2016

As we weren't able to have a broadcast last week, this week, all 12 members of the Radio Crew planned the show. They coped extremely well with sharing 3 mikes and staying quiet as each took their turn to speak.

Thursday 6th October Broadcast

Phoebe, Tyler, Kirk, Vaidence and Elliot broadcast their second show today, produced by Ellen. The show contained some pre-recorded items that had been worked on by last week's crew. Click on the media player to have a listen. The music was Justin Bieber and Sorry as well as Alan Walker's Faded.

Thurdsay 29th September 2016

This week Sebastian, Kodie, Harry, Arthur and Humaira worked on pre-records that can be used in later shows. They were shown how items are edited so they can start doing their own soon. Above is an example from Harry with some important information about Parents' Evening.

Thursday 22nd September

Here is Group 2's debut show. We had a last minute replacement but Ellen, Tyler, Kirk, Vaidence and Elliot have done a grand job produced by Phoebe. The music was Bruno Marrs with Talking to the Moon supplied by Tyler and Shawn Mendes with Treat you Better. Remember you can use youtube or other streaming sites to play the songs with the show. Please make sure you check with an adult before using any social media.

Thursday 15th September

Kodie, Harry, Daniel, Arthur and Humaira broadcast their debut show today with Sebastian as the producer. Click on the link to listen to their work. The music was King by Years and Years and Wild Heart by The Vamps.