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Backstage at Salisbury Playhouse and First News Quiz

Backstage at Salisbury Playhouse

First, when we got in the door of the playhouse, we went into the cafe and met Becky.  We had to go upstairs to get to the first room.


The first room we went in was the main house.  Becky told us that there were 517 seats.  All the seats were red velvet and they were made so nobody could block the view.


After the main house tour we went into the green room.  The green room isn't actually green it's just called that because there used to be plants in there and it would be nice for people performing ...


by Heidi

First News Quiz

Woodpeckers enjoy reading First News.  There are always really interesting articles to discuss and we like to complete the word and picture quizzes as often as we can.  This builds up our reading stamina and our ability to find answers in the paper.