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Beginners Please! and Repeat this!

Beginners please!

During our first workshop with Kate from Salisbury Playhouse, we found out all about what's inside a theatre.  We learned about the wardrobe and the workshop, the rehearsal room and front of house.  We know that Salisbury Playhouse has two stages: we saw Aladdin in the Main House and we will see another production in The Salberg later in the year.  We looked at the gels for the lighting and we talked about sound effects and costumes.


We are very much looking forward to visiting Salisbury Playhouse and seeing all of these areas in real life.

Some of us were lucky enough to try on some costumes and everyone had to guess what kind of character we might be.
It was fun when we got to try the fake blood.  Some of us looked quite injured when we were writing back in the classroom.  Some of us really enjoyed tricking our friends and family, who thought we'd hurt ourselves!

Repeat this!

We have started our work on this term's topic of Repeat this!  We have a copy of the repeating wallpaper pattern from the display board and we are either copying the pattern or making our own repeating pattern around the edges.