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Beginners Please!

'What's a theatre' workshop

This week we had our first workshop as part of the Beginners Please! project.  Becky from Salisbury Playhouse came in with a scale model and showed us the parts of the building.  We learned about the foyer and saw examples of tickets and programmes.  We saw the corridors of rooms where people work and get ready to go on stage, as well as the green room where people relax (and which isn't actually green).  We saw the main stage and the seating and we saw the Salberg where we will perform our own play in the summer.  There is a workshop and a costume department and a really tall fly tower - that's the grey hexagon we can see rising above the theatre.


We also handled some props and talked about which play they might have been used in.  Some people got to try costumes on.  Finally, we had some fake blood put on to our hands - that was great fun!


We are looking forward to working with Becky again and to visiting the Playhouse for our backstage tour.