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Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxons

We have been answering lots of questions in reading this year.  This week we had a go at writing our own.  The text was all about Beowulf - the epic Anglo-Saxon poem which is over 3000 lines long.  Here are our questions:

Woodpeckers questions about Beowulf: An Epic Poem

What does Beowulf use to kill the monster?

What adjective did the writer use to describe the heroes asleep after supper?

Who did Beowulf follow underwater?

How many years later did Beowulf own his kingdom?  A) 90 years  B) 30 years  C) 50 years

Who is the hero of the poem?

50 years later, Beowulf is now king of his own kingdom but his people are being threatened by a monster.  What is the monster?

Why did Beowulf kill Grendel?

How do you think Beowulf feels when he discovers that 30 important thanemen have been eaten by Grendel?

Write the adjective that describes Beowulf’s second sword fight?

Why is Beowulf the only poem surviving from Anglo-Saxon times?

Did Beowulf kill Grendel’s mother?

Who is the Swedish hero?

How long is the poem?

Who attacks the Kings hall?  A) Grendel  B) Grendel’s mother  C) the dragon

Does Beowulf follow Grendel’s mother to the underwater home?

How many people did Grendel murder?

What monster does Beowulf cut in half with his sword?

What time did Grendel get killed?


Beowulf's sword

We have also been applying our Design and Technology skills by making a sword just like Beowulf's (but made out of card).  This model-making is quite tricky but we are persevering.