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Blackbirds - Year 3



Welcome to Blackbirds

Class Teacher: Miss Bridewell


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Cooper

Other adults that work with us: Mrs Smith (Tuesday Afternoon), Mr Telfer and Mr Williams (P.E. four terms a year) 

Dear all,

I hope you are staying safe at home and looking after one another but most importantly looking after yourselves. I will be posting Home Learning activities weekly for you to do at home. See below for some suggested websites for you to access for a range of resources.

We have compiled a list of websites and online resources you may want to use with your children at home.

Fantastic Maths websites include:,,,

Nrich, topmarks and themathsfactor are free to use and have a range of activities and games for children. For mathletics, all children have their own log-ins.

For Reading: On Oxford Owl, you can sign up for free at home. Reading Eggs is also a brilliant website  where children from Years 1 to 5 have their own log-ins.

If your children need to get active then try Cosmic Kids’ Channel on YouTube  or you can try Super Movers on the BBC website:

For a range of support for different subjects try BBC Bitesize or Twinkl which is currently free for a month, setting this up is really easy to do - go to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS.

If you still feel stuck for things to do, you could try to form your own project all about Salisbury and the Cathedral which we would love to display when we are all back to normal. The website should help support this!

Try to use these links as your first port of call, teachers will try their hardest to update class pages with any other relevant information, so keep an eye on the school website for further information. Unfortunately work completed won't be marked by the teacher, but we feel it is important that the children continue with their learning as much as possible.

Take care and stay safe, 

Miss Bridewell

Year 3 Class Teacher


Well done to all of those children using Reading Eggs! I'll be printing certifcates for the children to have when we see you again!






Weekly English, Reading and Maths Activities 

Week 14 English Activities

Week 14 Maths Activities

Week 13 Maths Activities

Week 13 English Activities

Week 12 English Activities

Week 12 Maths activities

Week 10 Maths Activities

Week 9 English Activities

Week 9 Maths Activities

Happy Half Term! We'll be back in term 6 with our Rainforest Topic. I can't wait! 

Chocolate Part 2: How Chocolate came to Europe.

Home Learning Topic: Chocolate

Week 5 Maths Activities

Week 5 English Activities

Wiltshire Cricket Activity Book

Week 4 Maths Activities

Week 4 English Activities

Week 3 Maths Activities

Week 3 English Activities

Crafty Ideas

Dear Blackbirds, 


Happy Easter break! 

I hope you're all well, staying safe and keeping yourselves busy with the activities I have shared with you, as well as other activities with your families.

I know it might not feel like the Easter break we may have anticipated but I am not going to post any English or Maths activities for this week or next as I'd like to see you get creative!

I don't mind what this is, you may want to look at some of the ideas I've found but if you have other ideas that's brilliant as well! I've taught myself how to knit by watching videos on YouTube. I'm skill practicing but maybe I'll make something useful one day. Maybe you could learn how to do something from watching videos on youtube too. Draw with Rob teaches children how to draw some cool stuff, here's the link: 


Stay safe,

Miss Bridewell 


P.S. If your children do any super work you want us to share on Facebook or Instagram, email your pictures to I'd love to see it!




P.E with Joe | Tuesday 31st March 2020

Day 7 of my 9am daily workouts 😀 Today we tried adding some music to the workout. Big thank you to George Ezra and Dua Lipa for granting me permission to use...

P.E with Joe | Monday 30th March 2020

Day 6 of my 9am daily workouts

English Activities Week 2

Maths Activities Week 2

English Week 1 Activities

Maths Week 1 Activities

Boudicca Song

Still image for this video
Due to our Goldbook Worship being cancelled on Friday, we have filmed what we would have sung for the parents! Take a look!

We had a Sounds of Easter Workshop with The Bridge Project!

Salisbury Cathedral Singing!

Still image for this video
Blackbirds were super lucky to be involved in a Sining event at Salisbury Cathedral, organised by the Cathedral School! We had a fantastic time and the children sang beautifully! Mrs Smith worked really hard with Blackbirds to help them learn all the songs!


We had a fantastic Maths session playing Mathopoly for Numbers Day!

Zoo Lab came to visit. Blackirds met some wonderful creatures!


Light and Dark

Letter To Blackbirds' Parents

We used dienes to create place value images. 4.9.19

Roald Dahl Topic - Autumn Term 1


We made gliders out of straws and paper! They flew wonderfully.

We created stained glass effect images of Salisbury Cathedral

Blackbirds' trip to Salisbury Cathedral

We got to see Magna Carta!

Thursday 28th March

Pizza Party

Thank you to everyone who came!

Wednesday 27th March

Making Our Pizzas

World Book Day


What Blackbirds dressed up as: 

The Enormous Crocodile
Two Little Reds
Tom from The Midnight Gang
Gangsta Granny
Frank Lampard
Super Heroes
Two Potters
You're a Wizard Harry
Umpa Lumpa doo-pa-dee-doo

Miss Bridewell dressed up as Little My from the Moomins so we read the book The Moomins and the Great Flood.





We loved all of the creative adjectives that Tove Jansson uses in her book!

Science in the Sun


On our first day back we were lucky enough to go outside ffor science. We created freeze frames of 'Push' and 'Pulls'.  






Pizza Topic Web

Volcano Eruption!

Still image for this video
We got our volcano to erupt! We used baking powder and white vinegar to cause the reaction and red food colouring to make it look even more like lava!

Volcano Eruption!

Volcano Making

The children helped paint a papermache volcano!
Krzysztof was really proud of his painting!
Jack created his own volcano out of paper.
Joseph painted his own picture of a volcano.

Term 3 Topic - Romans

26th-30th November 

Maths - Measuring Capacity




5th November - 16th November

The Best Christmas Present in the World


Image result for the best christmas present in the world

In Blackbirds we have been reading the story 'The Best Christmas Present in the World' by Michael Morpurgo which is all about the Christmas Truce which happened on the 25th December 1914 during WWI between the German soldiers and the British soldiers. 


After reading and discussing the events of WWI the children wrote some truly beautiful diary entries from the point of view of a British soldier who took part in the Christmas Truce. 


The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig

22nd - 23rd October 

For the last two days of term, Blackbirds have read The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig which links in nicely with our Mental Health Awareness week.




The story discusses the life of a pixie who can only tell the truth and this upsets lots of people.

However, towards the end of the book, The Truth Pixie finds a little girl who really needs to be told the truth so that she can get through some difficult times in her life.



As a class we discussed what we thought were the really important parts of the story and the messages we need to take away with us. 





Our favourite part of the story said 'But you'll never know happy unless you know sad.' 

We liked it because we had never thought about happiness like this before and it was very thought provoking. 





Matt Haig was at the Salisbury Literary Festival at the weekend. 



Miss Bridewell was lucky enough to meet Matt Haig and get a signed copy of The Truth Fairy as well as being able to tell him all about St. Martin's hard work raising money for Young Minds.

8th-12th October 

We have spent the week learning about mental health for Young Minds’ campaign #HelloYellow and learning about different ways to cope with mental health issues. We were lucky enough to have That’s TV Salisbury come in to film some of our activities. On Wednesday, we had lots of children running a Mile for Mental Health, on Friday we dressed up in yellow clothes and had a Cake Sale.

Children brought in money for dressing in yellow as well as parents spending money on cakes. It was lovely to have support from everyone from our school community for this well deserving organisation. We successfully raised £180 for the #HelloYellow campaign!


If you would like to see the video by That's TV Salisbury for our #HelloYellow activities. Please visit YouTube and search for 'St. Martin's Mental Health' or follow the link:


If you would like to see the video by That's TV Salisbury for our #HelloYellow activities. Please visit YouTube and search for 'St. Martin's Mental Health'.


Image result for science

Wednesday 26th September
Light and Dark 


Children went outside to see which materials were the best to make curtains. 

The children had to decide whether the materials were opaque (don't let any light through), translucent (let some light through), or transparent (let a lot of light through). 

The children found that the red carpet would make the best curtain because it was opaque and would not let any light through.                          




Monday 24th September 

This week children have started learning, practising and drawing their story maps for Roald Dahl's Little Red Riding Hood. I would love for the children to be performing what they know so far. If there is an opportunity for them to do so, please encourage it!                                                       

Thank you, Miss Bridewell 


In our Art sessions, we are learning about Vincent Van Gogh who painted Starry Starry Night. 


Revolting Rhymes Autumn Term 1 Topic Web

Welcome Letter to Parents