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Changing materials and the water cycle in science

As part of our work in science, this week we have been thinking about changing materials.  In particular we have been learning all about evaporation and condensation and the part they play in the water cycle.  We have learned that here on Earth we have all the water we've ever had - the same water that dinosaurs drank!


We enjoyed an investigation into evaporation by going out on a sunny day on to the playground.  We poured 200ml of water on to a patch of tarmac and measured the size of the puddle.  Then we measured every 3 minutes to see how quickly the puddle dried up.  Some of the water would have soaked through the tarmac but most of it evaporated in the hot sunshine and became water vapour.

How quickly will our puddle of water evaporate?

Making it rain in the classroom

We brought the water cycle to life in our classroom using hot water to create the evaporation effect.  When the water vapour hit the side of the container, we could see condensation where the water droplets formed again.  Then, when the water vapour met the plastic bag at the top (which had ice cubes lying on it), a clump of water droplets formed - a cloud!  Eventually the drops got bigger and heavier and we saw them fall as rain on to the water below, with a splash!


We made our own mini water cycles with the grown ups who came to visit for Open Afternoon.  It was good fun to share our science with our visitors.