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Christmas Puddings

Multiplication Mosaics

Multiplication Mosaics 1
Multiplication Mosaics 2

We are reading 'Invasion of the Christmas Puddings' by Jeremy Strong.  This is part of his 'Laugh your socks off' series of books.  He does write very funny stories but our socks are still on!  We have found out that this is an idiom and we have learned lots of others such as: 'It's raining cats and dogs', 'a piece of cake', 'over the moon' and ' time flies'.


In maths we celebrated Christmas puddings by colouring a multiplication mosaic.  We also tallied our favourite Christmas foods and made bar graphs to show the results.

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Picture 2

Christmas events

Christmas events 1
Christmas events 2
Christmas events 3
Picture 1
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This week we have been preparing for Christmas with a number of different events.  We have had our school Christmas dinner, for which we designed placemats.  We have been visited by Santa (one of his representatives), who gave us presents.  We showed off our skills - singing, dancing, telling jokes, playing football - in the Talent Show.  We also came dressed in our Christmas jumpers (or t-shirts for those who find it a bit warm yet for jumpers) to raise money for Save the Children.