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Class Teacher: Miss H Bridewell
PPA Cover: Miss A Pratt (Thursday Afternoons)

Teaching Assistant: Mrs N Cooper 


Letter To Parents in Doves Sept 2020













































































20.07.20 Wishing you a very happy summer holiday!

Our year is almost finished now and the summer holidays are just around the corner! It has not been the year any of us expected or would have wished for.

However, you have shown great resilience and strength in carrying on at home, or at school, and I am extremely proud of all of you. Well done for all your work and whilst I have added a few activities below, please take the time to relax and enjoy the time with your families. 

If you can't print out the activities below, then share with a family member on-screen and chat about them.

Your Abacus maths accounts will soon stop working as we are switching to an exciting new maths system in September; in the meantime, why not check out Topmarks website for lots of games or ICT games for maths games or BBC Bitesize home learning pages?


You will be fabulous and ready for year 3 in September and we are getting everything ready to help you manage when you come back. Your new teacher, Miss Dryburgh is looking forward to meeting you and I have snuck some of our toys into her room to help it feel familiar!


Until we see each other again, stay safe and healthy, and keep practising your reading, handwriting and counting every day.


We would also love to see some of the things you have been doing at home, perhaps you could send in a photograph or email us a picture or even send some work in the post? Our email address for this is:


20.07.20 No place like home poem

20.07.20 No place like home questions

20.07.20 Rain before rainbows story - click below the image for story

20.07.20 Geography - watch this episode of Go Jetters on Stonehenge - weblink below picture

Well done to all those children doing their Reading Eggs activities and lessons - most recent certificates below! Well done to Charlie E and Daria who always do their Abacus maths assignments:)

Historic instructions for weekly work

13.07.20 Who are your favourite musicians? Who do you listen to on the radio? What do your family like?

Below are two reading comprehension on Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran, even if they are not your favourites, what can you find out about how they became such popular singers?


Do you like to sing? Can you learn any songs off by heart and entertain your family? Or maybe Grandma is great on the Karaoke machine and can belt out a few pop songs! Perhaps you can put on a show for the rest of your family!

13.07.20 Reading comprehensions on favourite musicians

13.07.20 New addition and subtraction videos from NCETM to watch! Click below the picture for the link to the web page

13.07.20 Can you solve the football mystery? Click on the links below the picture to download the activities

13.07.20 Addition and subtraction activity mystery

13.07.20 Can you work out the additions and subtraction number sentences to work out what colour each square should be?

13.07.20 Mosaic pictures to solve

06/07/20 Money, money, money! Although lots of payments are made with cards, what do you know about coins and notes? Can you learn their shape and sizes?

06/07/20 Can you interpret these pictograms? Watch out! each picture is worth 2! Click on the link below the image for the whole document

06/07/20 We are all different - find a friend or family member, what things do you both like? What things are different? Click below the picture for the full resources

06/07/20 We are all different Venn diagram activity

29.06.20 Can you find out about a significant artist? Below are some ideas about Britto and Constable, maybe you have another favourite already?

29.06.20 PowerPoint presentations about Romero Britto and John Constable

29.06.20 Transition - beginning to think about growing and changing and moving to Year 3

29.06.20 Transition to year 3 - Can you write about yourself to introduce yourself to your new teacher?

29.06.20 Maths videos on multiplication - screenshot - see below picture for weblink

29.06.20 Minibeast classification - can you do a 'minibeast' hunt in your garden or in the park? What can you find? What do you notice about them? Then try this classification tree

29.06.20 'Minibeast' recording - what did you find?


22.06.20 History of the RNLI - What can you find out?

22.06.20 I see, I think, I wonder...

22.06.20 Grace Darling - can you find out more about this amazing person, and why she is remembered?

See below the screenshot for a weblink to this dramatised version of Grace Darling's life

08.06.20 I see, I think, I wonder... Can you tell if they are sunsets or sunrises?

Can you paint a picture of a sunset or sunrise like the photographs above?

08.06.20 Click below the picture for the information PowerPoint from Twinkl

08.06.20 Maths fractions videos (see below picture for weblink)

01.06.20 I see, I think, I wonder... what do you notice about all of these pictures?

01.06.20 Scavenger hunts - can you adapt these and go on a scavenger hunt in your house, your garden, the park (with an adult)?

01.06.20 Maths videos for this week taken from White Rose on multiplication and division see below for website link

18.5.20 Keeping your teeth clean!

18.5.20 Looking after your teeth and instructions

18.5.20 I see, I think, I wonder... Smiling animals!

18.5.20 Rob Biddulph example, see below for weblink; Learn to draw examples

18.5.20 Maths lessons for this week; see below for weblink

18.5.20 Outdoor maths ideas

11.5.20 Florence Nightingale what can you find out about this incredible person?

11.5.20 Deaf Awareness week: can you learn some British Sign Language (BSL)?

11.5.20 - 15.5.20 MATHS learning videos - see below screenshot for links to website

11.5.20 I see, I think, I wonder...

4.5.20  - 8.5.20 ENGLISH for the week

Can you find and read some war-time recipes? What do you notice is the same about them? Do they all use numbered steps? Do they have an ingredients list? Do they give you top tips?

Why not choose one and make it to celebrate? - don't forget to always work with an adult in the kitchen!


There are also some reading fact sheets for you to look at below the recipes, if you can't print them, read them on-screen with an adult and talk about what you notice together. (The answers are also included)


4.5.20 VE Day recipes

4.5.20 VE Day wordsearch

4.5.20 VE Day Union flag template

4.5.20 Maths


There are four days of activities (and the answers) below. Here is the link to the help videos.


Some parents have asked for a few ideas for other things you can do whilst learning at home, so why not try learning a new language, or learn some sign language, or learn some yoga? 

I have linked to a few pages but these are by no means exclusive and parental consent and supervision are necessary as some sites are not directly available to young children.


Below is a link to a mum who teaches Makaton signing with her family but there is an age limit on this social media platform so only do with parental supervision.




Watch the author Drew Daywalt, reading their sequel 'The Day the Crayons Came Home' via the hyperlink below.

How does it compare to 'The Day the Crayons Quit'?

Do you like it?

Is it better than the first book or not quite as good?

Why? Why not?

Can you find out about some of the places the Neon Red crayon visits?

If your house is anything like mine (!) there may be a few toys or crayons on the floor... What would your toys say in a postcard to you? Have they been trodden on or forgotten? Has the dog chewed their leg? Have any of them rolled under the sofa?

Try and write a postcard as one of your toys or crayons, explaining what has happened to them.

27.4.20 - 1.5.20 I see, I think, I wonder... What can you find out about butterflies? Have you seen any in your garden or going past your window?


Please visit the Sparrows Class page for a link to the DfE Letters and Sounds phonics lessons which are going live this week. Whilst they are not from the scheme we follow, (Read Write Inc) they would provide a useful reminder for any children still learning all of the graphemes (ways to represent or spell each sound).

27.4.20 - 1.5.20  MATHS  SUMMER TERM WEEK 2

I have added links to some support sheets looking at halves and quarters for you to complete.

I have added two knowledge organisers which explain fractions for you to use to help yourself.

There are also little videos which go with each day's lessons that you can watch as you work. These lessons are taken from the WEEK 1 section.


I have also added the answers; if, after looking at the knowledge organiser help sheets you haven't been able to work out the answers, you could look through the answers with your adult, and you could talk through what you notice.

Fractions knowledge organiser

Pick 'n' mix activities - extra ideas for this week

SUMMER TERM Week 5 20.4.20 - 24.4.20

Can you try to investigate measuring and measurements this week?

(Don't forget to ask an adult to help you!) (Also I have added some maths support sheets under this section)


Can you use a ruler? Do you have one that starts with 0 at the end? Or is there a small gap before you can start measuring?

Or maybe you have a tape measure in the house?

This tool allows you to measure reasonably long lengths and if it's flexible, you can measure curved or wavy lines as well!


Can you find out who is the tallest in your house? Who has the longest legs? ...the longest fingers? ...the longest hair?

Can you measure in centimetres? What would these measurements be in metres?

Can you draw a square with sides exactly 10cm long?

How long is one stride of your walk? Can you work out how far you've been on your daily walk?

Maybe you have an app on a parent's phone which allows you to track how far you've been?

Weight and mass

Packets, tins and boxes

You might like to look at the weights on the side of the packets, boxes and tins in your kitchen cupboard:

Which one is the heaviest? Which one is the lightest?

What kind of foods are inside?

Can you find any that have the same weight? 

Can you find any containers which use millilitres or litres?

Weighing scales

Do you have any weighing scales? Can you measure out exactly 100g flour? or pasta, or rice? What else can you weigh, can you make your scales balance if you have that kind of weighing scale?


Have a look at the ingredients on a packet, did you know that the order they are written is special? The ingredients at the beginning are the ones which are used the most in that product, so if it says sugar first, then it is mostly made of sugar!!

Why not see if you have the right ingredients to make some simple biscuits or fairy cakes or scones? 

Family recipes

Or better still, do your family have any recipes that they know off-by-heart? Are there any family recipes for a stew or a pie, or a curry that they could tell you?

If you are able to call them or email them, can you write some instructions for how to make their recipe? (There are some simple recipe templates below)

Don't forget to ask permission to call or email!!

I hope you have fun with measuring and writing recipes this week.


Maths support sheets

Video lessons for maths - see below for details


The most important thing is to keep reading all the time. laugh

However, it would be great to do a bit of writing as well:

Why not try to write out a traditional story that you already know?

Have you been keeping a diary? If not, it would be a great way to write every day and will be something to look back on in the future about these unusual times.

Or maybe you can find a picture and do an 'I see, I think, I wonder...'

Recipes you could try with help from an adult and Recipe templates for writing your own!

P.E. ideas to keep fit !

Animal races: Hop like a bunny or frog; squat and waddle like a duck; and so on.

Balloon ball: There are endless ways to play with balloons indoors. Try to keep it off the ground or just play catch. Mix it up with balloon tennis.

Follow the leader: Add to the workout with energetic movements such as jumping, stomping, and squatting.

Dance party: Turn on the music and shake your groovy moves!

Musical statues: When the music stops, freeze in your pose and hold it until the music begins again.

Scavenger hunt: Write up clues and hide them around the apartment. Kids can race to find each clue for a small prize at the end.

Simon Says: “Simon says do 10 push-ups” C, “Simon says do 5 squats” C, “Do 100 chin-ups” D

Luckily you only have to do the things which start with the words ‘Simon says…’ Don’t do anything if the caller doesn’t say ‘Simon says…’ first!

Jumping jacks/ star jumps: Simple but good for coordination and they get your heart going.

Parachute: Re-enact the school parachute games with a bedsheet. Hold onto the edge or a corner of the parachute/ sheet and fans it upward while one of you runs underneath. 

Clean-up race: Set a timer or put on a song to see who can sort the room the fastest.

Tickle tag: Chase your children. When you catch them, it's tickle time.

Hallway bowling: Fill up water bottles and use any ball you have.

Hopscotch: Use chalk or tape to make a game on your floor or outside your building.

Bubble popping: Blow bubbles and let your child try to pop them.

Weeks 3 and 4 extras for the holidays!

National Geographic Magazine online - see below picture for weblink

Scouts- A quick screenshot of some of the indoor activities you can do - external weblink below this picture

A pack from Wiltshire Council to help out with lots of ideas for home learning and fun activities

Well done to the children who have been doing home learning on Reading Eggs recently - here are your certificates!

Week 2 mathematics ideas:

Week 2: 'Position puzzles' A great bit of reasoning and maths (sorry it does need colour printing, or you could copy it out and colour it in!)

Week 2: Fractions!! enjoy a bit of maths and maybe make it in real life?

Week 2 Literacy or English ideas:

Free from the Literacy Shed - two packs including some great reading comprehensions (both include answers!)

Free from Plan Bee website, two word lists with details of spellings and spelling patterns that should be known by the end of year 2

Week 2: A bit of fun and some colouring

Week 2: Garden bird spotter guide - what can you see from your window?

Week 2: Doves class always enjoy a good wordsearch...

Week 1 ideas:

Week 1: Digimaps; scroll down the class page for a weblink to this map provider

Week 1:

Don't forget to keep practising your counting! Can you count forwards and backwards from any number up to 200?


e.g. Forwards:    13... 14,15,16,17,18

                           121... 122, 123, 124, 125


Backwards:        56... 55, 54, 53, 52, 51, ..

                          102... 101, 100, 99, 98, 97, 96

Week 1: Letter with details of different websites you can use while helping your child at home.

Trying passion fruit and tropical juice!

Signs of spring. What can you see from your window?

Most recent learning and topic information: 

Spring term 1 2020 Hopes, Dreams and Goals

Celebrating winning the 'Table manners' award

Planting bulbs- new life

Using the new play equipment

Science- keeping clean and working out how (pretend) germs get passed from person to person!

Thank you to all the families who came along to our Block City creative morning, and to our Gold Book performance last week. Here are some more class photos of year 2 building cities.

Autumn term 2 2019 topic map

Well done to Doves class who won the attendance certificate for the first week back!

Let's hope we win it many more times this year. 

Skipping workshop- it's harder than it looks!

September 12th 2019


Doves have been learning the story of the Hare and the Tortoise this week and have read two different re-tellings of this fable by Aesop, as well as learning a story/ song version. 

We have also been thinking about the place value of two-digit numbers in maths, as well as using hoops to explore space and coordination in P.E. today.

Access to Oxford Owl books and games online

Click here for reminder about Reading Eggs at home

Key skills you can help your child with

2018 -2019
Please see below for some of the activities and learning that we have been enjoying doing at school recently, this spring.

On 6/3/19 Doves took part in a dance workshop led by West End in Schools, based around The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We had a very enjoyable time being dragons and ‘iron men’.

World Book Day brightened our Thursday and showed what a wide range of books we enjoy reading. Don't forget to spend your World Book Day Token soon!!

Using a Carroll diagram to sort the animals!

Please scroll further down the page to find recent class letters and advice on reading and key skills in maths.


The children across the school showed compassion and understanding in their work about Remembrance and World War 1.

The children in Doves class worked on two different stories which were set in World War One, as well as sharing information texts about Remembrance Sunday. We wrote two booklets, collaboratively, about World War One and about Remembrance, and were pleased to be able to offer these to family members who could attend our school open afternoon. We have also now sent these home for you to share together.

Year 3 came to teach us their odds and evens song

Maths in action

Autumn learning