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Doves - Year 2

Welcome to Doves - Year 2


Class Teacher:  Mrs Fisher

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Priddin


Doves look forward to sharing some of the things we have done with you.


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De Capo music with Mrs Parsons

Class letter Term 3

Black and white patterns

Using construction equipment to design and make vehicles for Father Christmas

Creating Diwali mirror pictures and lanterns

We're going on a leaf hunt - Identifying the types of trees in our school grounds

Science - investigating 'rocket mice'

Space themed design and computing

Bright Sparks topic - term 1

Doves archive - looking back at 2015 -2016

Doves try their hand at archery

Olympics arostic poem

Road to Rio dance workshop

The Queen's birthday celebration

Term 6 topic - Road to Rio

Topic term 5 - Habitats

Term 1 topic - 'Our Great Grounds'

Creating art work from natural materials from the school grounds.

Term 2 topic - Light

Bonfire night pictures - Henry, Beri, Jessica and Wade

We have designed and made rockets to carry the boy from the moon to Earth.

Term 3 - Take one song - 'Welcome' from 'Brother Bear'

We have created a presentation to welcome new children to Doves.

We have been creating rhyming strings and using our ideas help us to write animal poems based on the pattern of the poem 'Bears' by Ruth Strauss.

We have been weaving using paper, threads and fabric.

Term 4 topic - Homes