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English, maths, science, PE

Dictionary skills

Before we started reading our new class book, 'The Legend of Spud Murphy' by Eoin Colfer, we looked up 12 of the words from Chapter 1 in the dictionary.  The words included: dangerous, blamed, declared, churned and punishment.  We wrote down the definitions for these words and then we listened out for them when we read the beginning of the book.  This will help us to understand what the author has written and to think more about the story and the characters (Will, Marty and their little brothers).

Maths game

In maths, we were practising counting on and back (adding and subtracting) by multiples of 10 and 100 and multiplying by 10 and 100.  To make this learning fun, we invented our own game.  This included making dice out of the nets for cubes.

Making switches for electrical circuits

Last week we made electrical circuits using cells, a battery holder, wires (with crocodile clips) and either a lamp in a lamp holder or a motor.  This week we had to make our own switches to switch on (close) the circuit or switch off (open) the circuit.  We made our switches using card and aluminium foil or card, paper fasteners and a paper clip.  Some of us did this straight away and some of us took a little longer to puzzle it out, but we were all successful in the end because we persevered.

Playing handball in PE

In PE with Mr Telfer, we are learning to play handball.  This week we practised our skills in dribbling the ball, running in to space to make ourselves free and passing the ball with accuracy.