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Epiphany at St Martin's Church

This week we walked down to St Martin's church to mark Epiphany.  Mrs Lilley, who is a Foundation Governor as well as Churchwarden, told us about when the Magi followed a star and brought gifts to baby Jesus in Bethlehem.  We enjoyed singing songs that Mrs Lilley practised with us before Christmas and we liked seeing the crib scene.


We were sad to see that the figures are looking rather the worse for wear and that baby Jesus has lost an arm.  Mrs Lilley told us that the figures were bought in Oberammergau in 1934, so they are very old.


We looked at the photograph of the crib and wrote 'I see ..., I think ..., I wonder ...' sentences.

Domnic: I see Jesus in Mary's hands sitting on her knees.

Gulam: I see Mary holding God's precious son.


Katie-Rose: I think the three wise men are giving baby Jesus gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Humaira: I think the school value/presents is a present from St Martin's for Jesus.

William: I think the candles represent Lord of light.

Joseph: I think this scene is at the church.


Konstantina: I wonder if Mary is going to accept the gold, myrrh and frankincense for baby Jesus.

Alexander: I wonder if all of the statues will get worse and worse so the statues will fall apart.