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Inter-School Photography Competition - Get your entries in fast, the closing date is looming!

Thanks to Will from Bonkers Science for some fantastic workshops on the theme of electricity.
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St. Martin's Swimming Gala 2019

Blackbirds' World Book Day Costumes

School Games - Girls Football: On Friday we hosted our first Football match. We were very pleased to welcome the girls team from Sarum St. Paul's Primary School to  play our girls team. The final score was 6:4 to Sarum St. Paul's, who are a very strong team. It was a great experience for our team and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.  We are looking forward to hosting our next game.

Construction work in our main hall

In Nightingales last year the children took part in a craft challenge (see Nightingales archived class page for 2017/18).  They had a workshop for designing and creating clay models.  Then they applied what they had learned to making models of themselves.  Mrs Hamblin built a stand to display all of the artwork so that it could be part of the Schools Craft Challenge Exhibition. Here are some of the models and details about the exhibition at Salisbury Cathedral.


The work won the competition and they have a shiny trophy to enjoy!  The judges said they liked the detail of the painting on the models and very much enjoyed the design skills shown in the book of the project.

Schools Craft Challenge Competition

Y6 Leavers' Service - Wednesday 25th July 2018

Woodpeckers visit St Martin's church

These are photographs of Woodpeckers' visit to St Martin's church as part of their RE studies in the summer term.  Read more about the visit on their class page.

16th July to 18th July 2018 KS2 Production: Pirates V Mermaids.

Their Royal Highnesses visiting Salisbury

At the time of publishing, photographs 29 and 30 on Salisbury Journal website are the best!
Photographs 131 to 140 are of particular interest!

Photographs taken by children in Woodpeckers

Adopt A Musician Project with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

On Friday 4th May 2018, the whole school (with the exception of Robins, who formed part of the audience) took part in a final performance to parents of our year-long project with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.  Each class prepared a piece of music to accompany the artwork they had produced on the theme of Salisbury.  The children delighted parents and invited guests with all of their hard work over the year.

Katie and the ...

To mark World Book Day, each class chose one of the 'Katie and the ...' books by James Mayhew.  Inspired by the paintings which Katie discovered in the art galleries she visits, we wrote and created our own artwork. 


Robins described a picture, Sparrows wrote about what they thought was happening in the picture, Doves explored pointillism, Blackbirds wrote play scripts, Woodpeckers wrote their own story involving Katie, Nightingales made heraldic shields, Owls painted in the style of Monet.  This display in the top corridor brings together our whole-school project.

We have been celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as book characters and sharing our favourite books

Friday 9th March 2018 Owls presented their x-tables raps at their Gold Book Worship today. Visit Owls class page to see lots more photos.

Girls Football Tournament Thursday 22nd February 2018

Y6 Football Tournament - Wednesday 31st January 2018

Owls Trashion Show November 2017

Mini Marathon 2017

Partnership mosaic

To mark our ongoing partnership with Tunduya Primary School in Lusaka, Zambia, we are making a mosaic.  It shows animals from Zambia and animals in Britain, as well as the flags of the two countries and maps of Africa and the UK.  We have very much enjoyed working with Joanna Dewfall to make this mosaic.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

The children had a marvellous time at our Street Party to wish Her Majesty a Happy 90th Birthday. Thank you to the PTA for organising it and to parents for donating the food we shared.

Mini Marathon 2016

Well done to our runners from KS2 who ran this year's Schools Mini Marathon despite the wet and windy weather. Thank you to Miss Pratt for all the training and all the parents who also had to brave the elements to support the children.

Our second batch of duck eggs was set up in the incubator in Nightingales' classroom.  On the evening of Monday 23rd May there were signs of two eggs cracking and one of the eggs was moving. 


Two ducklings hatched during the day on Tuesday 24th and a third on Wednesday 25th.  They dried off during the afternoon and they all look beautifully fluffy now.  They have perfectly-shaped beaks and huge webbed feet.  One of them is mainly yellow while the other two have black patches on their backs and heads.


Sadly, our first batch of duck eggs did not lead to ducklings.  We understand that duck eggs are particularly difficult to hatch successfully, and so it proved.  We are delighted that we have three ducklings from this batch of eggs.


By the end of the spring term we had three fluffy ducklings who were ready for their first bath outside.  They very much enjoyed this, as we hope you can see in the video below.


As you can see from the photo gallery, the ducks grew very quickly and by the beginning of July they were nearly adult sized, with smooth white feathers and big flappy wings.  We believe them to be magpie ducks and they have really loud quacks.


Many thanks to Ms Hamblin for arranging and looking after these ducks, so that we can all enjoy them.

The first bath!

Still image for this video
Our ducklings very much enjoyed their first bath. They made a lot of splashes, swam underwater, waggled their tails and occasionally made a bid for freedom. It was great fun.
Blackbirds' Smoothie Fayre - Tuesday 15th March
Visit Blackbirds' class page for more photos

Paired Reading Workshop

We had a great turn out for our paired reading workshop with Alison. Parents discovered the power of reading out loud, along with their children, as an additional way of sharing books and stories.

We hope those of you that came enjoyed it and found it useful in aiding your child's enjoyment and progression in reading.

If you were unable to attend and would like further information on the method of paired reading please contact Jenny Hinder, our Inclusion Manager.   

Author Visit for Owls and Nightigales

Splash of Colour Lunchtime Rewards

Marwell Wildlife School Trip