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First Aid session and Playhouse technical workshop

First Aid

During our First Aid session we learned what to do if we come across someone who is unconscious.  For our homework this week we produced posters of how we can help.  Here is Alana's excellent poster.

Playhouse technical workshop

As part of our homework this week, we are writing about our technical workshop with Sarah from Salisbury Playhouse.  We used sound effects as part of a performance of a short play and we designed costumes.  We also used the stage in  a box to design a set. 


Ahmed wrote: "We had an example of a play and we tried to find the best sounds that can go with the event.  It was enjoyable to develop our audio skills, as [well] as the background [as] you need to think about everything to match the play.  It was fun to work with the group and explore a range of new techniques."