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First News and weights and measures in maths

Reading First News

Woodpeckers very much enjoy reading the First News newspaper for children.  We also enjoy answering the words and pictures quiz questions.  It helps us with our fact-finding reading skill and keeps us up to date with the news.  We learn about the UK and the world and we discuss what is happening.


This week we were able to share our learning with visitors during open afternoon on 29th November.  Lots of mums and dads enjoyed answering the First News quiz with us.

How much does rice and pasta weigh?

In maths we have been learning about weighing and measuring.  We have remembered facts such as: 1000g = 1kg; 500g = 0.5kg; 1000ml = 1l; 500ml = 0.5l.  We investigated what happens to rice and pasta when it is soaked in water. 


We put 200g (0.2kg) of rice and 200g (0.2kg) of pasta uncooked in to bowls and added water.  We predicted what might happen to them and wrote down whether we thought they would weigh more or less after they had been soaked in water.


When we looked at the rice and pasta a couple of days later, we saw that the pieces of pasta and the grains of rice had all got larger.  The pasta looked quite a different colour, becoming paler and also softer and floppier.  When we weighed them, we found that the pasta weighed 360g and the rice weighed 370g. We concluded that they had absorbed (soaked up) the water and this had caused the increase in weight.