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Governing Body

As the governing body of St Martin's School we have three core functions:

* clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

* to hold the Headteacher to account by challenge and support for the educational performance of the pupils

* to ensure financial probity and oversee the financial performance of the school to ensure that public money is well spent.

To fulfil these responsibilities we have a sustainable and flexible structure of committees and working groups, with our principal foci always being the safety, well-being, progress and achievement of the children in our care.   With the staff, we are ambitious for our pupils, asking of them what they most want to bring to each learning opportunity and seeking to awake in them what else would never be. 


The Governors approve all policies and review the performance of the school at all levels through the following principal sub-committees, which report to the full governing body through their Chair and minutes of meetings.

  • Finance Sub-Committee:  responsible for overseeing financial performance.

  • Curriculum and Standards Sub-Committee: responsible for overseeing educational performance.

  • Staffing and Pay Sub-Committee: responsible for overseeing staffing resources.

  • The Premises, Health and Safety Sub-Committee: responsible for the safety and security of the site and for the maintenance and development of the physical environment for learning.

A full list of sub-committees, working groups and governors with specific responsibilities is published annually in the September minutes of the full governing body.   The names, responsibilities and terms of office of all members of the governing body are shown below on the membership list.  

Our most recent report to parents is available below.

If you have any comments or queries for the governors, do contact the Chair or one of the parent governors via the school.  





Scheme of Delegation 2019 -2020

Pecuniary Interests and Voting Rights

All relevant material interests of governors are recorded at the beginning of the school year in a register retained by the Clerk. Any such interest is further declared at the start of all full committee and sub-committee meetings and noted in the minutes. 
No governor exercises a governance role in any other educational establishment.
At the meeting of the governors of 26 September 2016, the associate members of the governing body were accorded voting rights in the committees to which they are appointed.

Attendance of members and apologies for absence received at all full committee and sub-committee meetings are as recorded in the minutes.