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Trip to the Hawk Conservancy

Technical Rehearsal at The Salberg

This week we went to Salisbury Playhouse to take part in a technical rehearsal for our Viking Saga Songs play.  We had to keep repeating parts of the play so that the technicians could program the light and sound effects.  It was a long afternoon but a really interesting process.  We saw how the lighting changed the atmosphere and how the GOBOs changed the look of the stage.


We are looking forward to performing our play first at Gold Book Worship on Friday 29th June at 2.30pm in the main hall.  Then we perform in the Salberg at Salisbury Playhouse on Friday 6th July.  Please contact the office or Miss Harvey if you would like tickets.

Action from Sports Day

Woodpeckers enjoyed sports afternoon.  The obstacle race was great, with eggs falling off spoons and bean bags to throw into hoops.  We have some super sprinters in our class and they enjoyed running up the track.  We competed in our houses and all the points were tallied to find the overall winning house, which was Greencroft.  Blue Boar came second and White Hart third.  Black Horse were in fourth place.  Everybody had a great afternoon and tried their best.