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Katie and the ... Snow?

Katie and the ...

To mark World Book Day we have been reading 'Katie and the Mona Lisa'.  Other classes have been looking at different books in the 'Katie and the' series. 


We have looked at several paintings this week.  These are pictures in the gallery which Katie visits while trying to cheer up Mona Lisa from Leonardo da Vinci's painting: St George and the Dragon by Raphael; Primavera by Sandro Botticelli; The Lion of St Mark by Vittore Carpaccio; An Angel in Red with a Lute by an Associate of Leonardo da Vinci.


Woodpeckers have done some artwork with Miss Heslop, focusing on a part of a painting by famous artist.  These are oil pastel copies of a section of the painting, with super detail and great colours.


Our plans to celebrate World Book Day by dressing up as book characters were changed by the snow which has swept across the country.  Here is the snow at St Martin's.