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Kennings in English and a violin concert

"Kennings started off in Old English and Norse poetry where something is described without using its name, for example, stick fetcher = dog.  Anglo Saxons (and Vikings) often used kennings to name their swords: Throat slitter.  So, a poem made from kennings would be a list of expressions about one subject.  More often than not each item on [the] list is made up of two words." 

The Works, 2000, MacMillan Children's Books


Woodpeckers wrote kennings about themselves or their lives, following the rules of using a noun + a verb or a noun + a noun, joined by a hyphen.


Here are Henry and Nathan's kennings.

Violin concert

Mr Parsons came to visit on Thursday and he led a violin workshop with his string quartet.  Woodpeckers were treated to hearing them play and we enjoyed learning more about stringed instruments.  We learned a new tune and practised some we already knew.  Then we were ready to perform to other classes and some visitors.  It was a great afternoon and we really enjoyed taking part in our concert.