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Little Red Riding Hood

This week we have been reading traditional tales or fairy tales.  We have evaluated and summarised them and then we chose one to prepare a story mountain plan, as if we were going to write the tale.  We have really enjoyed re-reading some of these familiar stories as well as discovering some for the first time.


We went to Salisbury Playhouse to see a performance based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood in the Salberg.  It was good to compare it to the version we read in class.


Here is a link to the Playhouse website with some more information about the performance.

Having read the story and learned about what happens in a theatre, we thought about what we might see in the production of 'Red Riding Hood and the Wolf'.  Here are some of our ideas.


Henley-Jai thought there would be scenery and a costume of a wolf.  A cloak for Little Red Riding Hood and a costume for someone to play grandma.  He thought a forest light GOBO would be used and a window for her home.  He also thought there would be a cardboard painted house for grandma to live in.


Ben thought he would see a red cloak and on the stage there would be a GOBO for the tree.  He thought there would be a wolf in the forest waiting for Little Red Riding Hood.  He expected a gel to make it like the sun on the stage and the sky.


Moosa thought he would see some characters like dad the woodcutter, stepmother, wolf, grandma and Little Red Riding Hood.  He thought they might use a tree GOBO for the forest.  He expected a scene of a house.


Sadiqa wrote:

"Characters: Little Red Riding Hood, father, woodcutter, mother, grandma and wolf.

Setting: her real house then her grandma's house.

They could put a GOBO for the lighting.  The stage with lighting all the way round. 

They would have a break in the middle so the characters can have a toilet break."