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Making switches and Christmas card designs

Making switches for electrical circuits

We have learned about using switches in a circuit.  We know that only a closed circuit will make a lamp light or a buzzer buzz or a motor turn.  We know that a switch means you can open and close a circuit.  Last week we made switches using a piece of card and some aluminium foil.


This week Miss Bridewell showed us how to make switches using other bits and pieces.  We used clothes pegs and paper clips!  It was good fun and we are also learning that metal conducts electricity.

Designing Christmas cards

We know it's early, but we have been designing Christmas cards.  The PTA had asked us to make a card design to take home and see if our families want to buy cards, calendars or mugs using our design.  So we spent a bit of time being creative and learning the songs for our Christmas show at the same time.  The three pictured above are rather good and very colourful.