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Martial Arts taster, capacity in maths and the Playhouse

Martial Arts Taster Session

On Tuesday we had a Martial Arts taster session with Rachel Houston from Aspire Martial Arts.  We enjoyed our half an hour taster, especially the pad work, and many of us have signed up to join the after school club which starts on Thursday 19th January.

Capacity in maths

With Miss Bridwell, we have been learning about capacity in maths.  We know that there are 1000g in a kilogram and that there are 1000 millilitres in a litre.  We made containers (out of paper and lots of tape) which would hold 1l, 700ml, 100ml.  Then we tested to see if our containers were the right size by filling them with rice.  It was good fun and we learned a great deal about capacity.

A tour of the Playhouse