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'Matilda' role on the wall, maths open afternoon, Zootropolis

Role on the wall for characters in 'Matilda'

With Miss Bridewell we learned how to do a 'role on the wall'.  We drew an outline of a character from the Roald Dahl book 'Matilda', including Mrs Phelps the librarian and Miss Trunchbull, the fearsome headmistress.  Around the outside of the outline we wrote descriptions we found in the book.  Inside we wrote the feelings we thought the character might have. 


We really enjoyed this and we used the descriptions to write our own sentences and paragraphs later in the week.  Some of our writing will be added here soon.

Maths games on open afternoon

It was lovely to have parents join us for open afternoon on Thursday 24th November.  We had been learning some maths games and we enjoyed sharing them with our visitors.  We learned a matching pairs game, using 0 - 20 cards.  We used the same cards to play 'three in a row' on a number line.  And we learned to play a game Mrs Lawrence had taught Miss Harvey, which was called 'Pig'.


We have brought a set of cards home to cut up and use to teach these games to our families.

"Today we are going to the cinema to see Zootropolis.  It is my second time at Salisbury cinema because before I went to see Trolls.  I have not seen the film [Zootropolis] before but I am quite excited!  I have seen the trailer and it looks quite good.  We are going with Robins.  We are walking.  I think it is about animals.  Can't wait until we go.


We have been to the cinema and it was very good.  I thought the sloth was very slow.  My favourite character was the rabbit because she was brave.  When the lion jumped out of nowhere it made me jump.  My partner was very good."


by Danielle