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Mixed maths and some relaxation

Multiplication Mosaics

We used many maths skills to complete these multiplication mosaics.  First we needed to complete the times table questions, for example 6 x __ = 18.  The missing number is 3.  Then we learned about factors, which are the numbers you multiply together.  We had to use the first factor to know how many squares to move along the x axis (along the corridor) and the second factor to know how many squares to move on the y axis (up the stairs).  We used these coordinates to find the square at (6,3).  After that, we had to neatly colour in the square and gradually we could see the pattern and the picture.

Golden Time

At the end of a busy first week of term we enjoyed relaxing during golden time.  Some of us played with the Squigz construction toy and some of us went outside.  Some used the computers and some played football.