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Moors Valley trip and Shot putt

Trip to Moors Valley Country Park

We had a great time at Moors Valley Country Park on our trip.  We ran and jumped, clambered and climbed.  We chased each other and raced around.  We ate lunch and rested and then we did it all again!  It was a really good day and lots of children rose to the challenges of the different elements of the play trail.  Watch out for some writing about our day.
In our athletics lessons, we are learning a variety of skills, from jumping to running.  This week, we focussed on throwing skills and we learned to shot putt.  We know that we can't hold on to the ball, it just has to rest on the palm of our hand.  Then we need to push it away, keeping bent wrist. Once we had practised, we even did it with a run up.  It was good fun and we threw a long way.