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Our Great Grounds

Our whole-school topic this autumn was 'Our Great Grounds' and the children took part in exciting sessions with different teachers - all focussing on our school grounds.  Children enjoyed a variety of activities: using design technology skills to design hedgehog houses; digging holes in the hidden garden as part of the British Trust for Ornithology's (BTO) 'What's under your feet?' citizen science project; making wind chimes using natural materials; estimating and measuring using trundle wheels; creating natural sculptures; using geography skills for a treasure hunt.


In Gold Book worship on Friday 16th October we heard about each of the activities and saw some wonderful photographs.  It certainly looked as if everyone was having a great time!


We also held a Grounds Day on Saturday 17th October.  Children and their families were invited to school to tidy our gardens and grounds.  All sorts of tasks were undertaken, from trimming our willow dome, digging over the classroom patio gardens, to weeding the flower beds in the Jubilee Garden.  Refreshments were provided, the weather was OK (not too cold and it stayed dry), and we were delighted that so many people came along.


Thank you to everyone who helped - our grounds now look in much better shape.