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Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Tom has been facilitating philosophical discussions with each class this term. Read more about Philosophy for Children here.


Thank you very much to everyone at St. Martin’s for welcoming me into their community. I’ve had the pleasure of working with all classes – from Robins to Owls – and we have tackled some fascinating questions. Here’s some of the juiciest:

Robins: Is my pet toaster Gerald really a pet?

Sparrows: What makes something scary?

Doves: In the story Michael, was Michael naughty?

A group of Year 2 pupils also created their own ‘Would You Rather?’ book with Mrs Smith! (pictures below!)

Blackbirds: Is magic a type of power?

Woodpeckers: What’s the difference between listening, hearing and noticing? Can you listen to something without hearing it? Can you hear something but without listening to it?

Nightingales: Does everything grow old?

Owls: Is some kinds of stealing worse than others?


In our last session, Owls also created some questions of their own that they could discuss in future:

  • Can you always be calm?

  • When is thinking a good/bad thing?

  • How does awareness help us think?

  • Is being at peace the goal of life?

  • Is it good to be interesting?

  • Should you always trust your instincts?

  • Do children relax too much?

    It has brilliant to hear your pupils’ ideas, and also see so many grow in confidence to confidently say what they think. We also had a Philosophy workshop with some parents, where we first discussed “Can knowledge be a bad thing?” (don’t tell the teachers!) and enjoyed thinking about how adults and children might answer it differently. We also shared ideas for doing more philosophy at home, to help our children become more confident speakers. I hope everyone at St. Martins continues to enjoy philosophy as the year goes on.