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A mysterious new shed suddenly appeared on the junior playground.  We watched it being built at the end of February.  There was a sign on the front which read: 'Scrapstore PlayPod'.  Inside there was ... well, nobody knew!  What would be inside?  We just had to wait and see.  It was very exciting and we were all looking forward to finding out more about it.


On Tuesday 17th March staff and governors had a preview of the PlayPod.  We opened the doors and even played with some of the items inside ... we knew that the children at St Martin's were really going to enjoy using the PlayPod!


On Wednesday 25th March PlayPod Kate told us all about the PlayPod and about the 'loose parts' inside.  We were very excited about opening the doors for the first time at lunchtime on Monday 13th April.  Now we're really enjoying using it.


For more pictures and information, please visit the PlayPod section under 'Our Children' on this website.