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St Martin's Day

On Wednesday 9th November, Father Michael led us in a Eucharist service at St Martin's Church.  We were marking St Martin's Day (11th November).  Children from Year 6 read prayers and a reading and everyone enjoyed the singing.


Here is some feedback from Year 4 children on how it felt to visit our very special church:


G said, “I liked being part of it, feeling like I was the only one there.  I felt a deep connection with everybody, being part of a community.”
R said she felt calm.
D said it was peaceful.
F said, “The church reminded me of a special friend I had, who was a Christian.”
T said, “When we walked in, I found it peaceful and it gave me a chance to think about God’s sacrifice.”
K said that it was lovely and silent.
H said he felt safe.  “It feels like you’ve got your own bubble and you can be peaceful.”
J agreed that it was a safe place.  “Nobody can bother you.  It’s a place of peace.”
Da said, “I felt like I was special because it felt like you can talk to God or pray more easily.”