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The Repair Shop

We have applied to take part in the BBC series The Repair Shop!  When we went to church for Epiphany, we were really concerned about the condition of the figures in the Nativity scene.  One of the shepherds has lost a foot, one of the kings has lost a hand, the ox has a broken horn, the sheep two damaged legs and, worst of all, baby Jesus has lost an arm.


Mrs Lilley, who is a churchwarden, came in to talk to Woodpeckers and she explained that the figures were bought in 1934 in Oberammergau, Germany.  They were then given to St Martin's church to use.  Unfortunately, over the years the the wood has become dry and brittle and so pieces have broken off.


Woodpeckers wrote an application explaining why they would like the figures to be restored and they watched some of The Repair Shop to understand what happens on the programme.  We would very much like our school and church to be featured on the television and for the figures to be fixed.