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Nightingales - Year 5

Welcome to Nightingales Year 5


Class Teacher: Mrs Hamblin

Teaching Assistant:s  : Miss Marsden and Mr Adlam

Nightingales Gold Book Presentation

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Topic Web Autumn 2

Topic Web Autumn Term 1 2020

Week beginning 13th July 2020


As we approach the end the summer term I have added the last set of maths and Englsih lessons, but please feel free to use any of the other resources if you prefer.   It has been a strange time for us all, but hopefully will begin to seem a bit more normal when we return again in September.  


I hope you manage to have a break in routine and relax for some of the summer.  I look forward to seeing you again in September when you return to school as an Owl.  Stay safe.

Week beginning 6th July 
Week beginning 29th June 

Week beginning 22nd June 

Spelling activities are in a shared folder on J2E.  

I know how difficult it can be working from home, so please remember BBC Bitesize is also available as an alternative to the lessons below.  Knowing and being confident with times tables would be a great starting point when returning to school:  J2Blast on J2E is great way of practising these.  Stay safe.


Science activities that are easy to do at home and don't require loads of resources.

Week beginning 18th June 2020
Spelling activities are on J2e.  Remember to make sure you are confident using the words in a sentence.

Week Beginning 8th June 2020


Spellings for this week  are in a shared folder on J2E and can aslo be found on J2Blast.

Week Beginning 1st June 


I hope you have all managed to stay safe and enjoy the sunshine last week.  This week would normally be the start  of the summer term.  Lesson ideas for this week are shown below.  If I haven't managed to catch up with you yet I hope to be able to do so this week.

Week Beginning 25th May 2020


I hope everyone is staying safe and well.  This week is half term.  For those of you who have  been working hard at home, it's an opportunity to take a break.  Remember it is important to spend some time away from screens too. I will try to catch up with everyone this week, to see how you are by phone.  You can of course send a message via J2E.  I am sure some of you will have read some amazing books during lockdown, so I will share a book review template for you on J2E, so you can reommend a read to someone else.

Well done Gabrilel -1 silver and 1 bronze certificate on mathletics last week.  Fantastic!  Keep up the good work.

Week Beginning 18th May 2020

I hope you are all managing to stay safe and well.  This is a message for parents, if you would like some advice teaching maths at home, I recommend having a look at the links below.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to have some of those key maths facts to hand.  If your child does not know their times tables focusing on learning 3 and 4 times would be  a fanatastic use of this time at home.  Times Tables Rockstars, Numbots and Mathletics can all help with this.


WELL DONE  - PHOEBE, ARCHIE AND GABRIEL for using j2E at home.


This weeks spellings are on J2Blast (shared), for you to practise.  If you have already tried this you can also make a spelling list of words for yourself too, particuarly if you know that there are some words you are unsure about, or are perhaps new words you have come across in your reading.


If you don't have your J2E password, please let school know.


Maths this week focuses on percenatges and using negative numbers.


English - Looks at the Promise and revises word classes.


There are also some alternative options for Englsih in shared documents accessed via J2E.




An English alternative - based on a film clip - The Lighthouse

Week beginning 11th May 2020


Hi Nightingales, 


I have put a spelling list on J2E for this week (on J2Blast).  Please try to use J2E5 to include each of your spellings in an interesting sentence.  There is a shared file, which I have created to start this for you.  


Just a reminder if you aren't already using J2E, please try to do so.  There is a message section there too. If you need help with passwords for example.


Mathletics also has a section  'Resources Hub',  where you can find maths workbooks on different topics.  Don't worry if some of the year 5 books are too hard, it's OK to use one from a different year group.

WELL DONE - Joseph I can see you have earnt some certifcates for your work on mathletics live.





Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Lesson plans for this week are shown below.  If you have managed to login to J2E I have put some alternative ideas for English on there as shared files.



Week Beginning 27th April


I hope everyone is well and staying safe.

Here are some suggestions for home learning this week.  If you haven't yet looked at BBC Bitesize it is well worth trying.  Also please try and logon to J2E.  The children should all have passwords, but please request them if you don't know what yours is.


It's important to stay healthy and active whilst at home, which can be difficult, so here are some ideas that might help.

Week beginning 20th April 


I hope you have managed to stay safe and well over Easter.  With everything going on it  can sometimes be difficult to focus.  I have added some some further ideas about home learning for next week, although I do appreciate some of these tasks can be a little tricky.  Continuing with the 'Little Things That Make a Big Difference' is just as important.


To try and help I have been looking at J2E in more detail, the children should have a password enabling them to access this at home. 


J2Blast is a good place to start, not only does it include times table activities, it is also somewhere children will be able to practice weekly spellings.  They will be able to compete against the rest of the class and earn points. 


In particular a few minutes each day practicing typing skills using could be a fun and useful activity.

The children have all looked at column addition in class before, but you may find they need reminders to estimate answers.  There is sound with the accompanying powerpoint to help.  Using a efficient method to subtract will be slightly trickier.


Any practice that the children can do at home will be helpful.  Please don't worry if they find it difficult, short bursts practising number bonds and times tables (including division is just as useful).


The end of the week looks at negative numbers.




Maths and English - week 3 

English -   The children should be confident with understanding what an expanded noun phrase is -  you might like to remind them that we spent a lot of time using them to describe dragons earlier on in the year.


IMaths - The children should have a good understanding of multiples and factors (those struggling with x tables can use their multiplication grids to help).  They may however need a little help identifying common factors and multiples.

We have looked at bus stop/short division in class, so this is not  a new concept fro them.  It will be useful if you ask them to explain 'How they know'.   We have also looked at estimating an answer, but some children may also need support to do this.


There are easier and more challenging tasks, but there is no reason why you can't access lessons for a different year group if needed.


I hope this helps.



Small Tasks that will make a big difference


Times tables and warm up tasks for maths will really help with any maths you subsequently complete with your child/children.  Times Table Rockstars and Mathletics Challenge - where you can compete with children across the world will support this.


We have been looking at imperial units of measure in maths: ounces, pounds, stones, feet, inches, miles pints.  Any practical activities which help embed these ideas including cooking would be useful.  Particularly comparing these to metric units.  Cooking is great for this!


Ensuring you child/children can tell the time (both analogue and digital), including knowledge of the 24 hour clock would also be useful.  We usually move on to look at timetables and calculating time differences.






TO ACCESS NUMBOTS PLEASE USE THE LINK BELOW - You will need to use your password and username for TTRockstars.  

Apologies for any confusion.



If you took home the learning pack, the children will have a copy of our class reader the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, along with chapter specific questions focusing on key reading skills.  We would normally read this together and the children would then answer the questions themselves, perhaps focusing on a key skill each time.




Discussing and writing your own diary entries might be an interesting way to engage children and would make interesting reading in years to come. 

The Maths Factor is a great online resource that is free to use with helpful videos to support learning.
Due to school closure we have listed some ideas for home learning aimed specifically at children working at expected levels for year 5.  You may like to access resources for an alternative year group.

Extra Maths Resources - Numbots - use TT Rockstars login

Helpful Websites for home learning

Topic Web

Murder Investigation 

Today 7th January 2020, Nightingales took part in a science afternoon at SWG School, using various tests to determine who was responsible for demise of Flopsy bunny.  They used flame testing, chromatography, pH testing and tested viscosity to determine the likely suspect.  They really enjoyed having the opportunity to use the facilities in a real lab.

Term 3 - Topic Web

A huge thank you to all those parents who attended our Gold Book Worship this week.  The children were really excited to be able to share some of the experiments we have tried in class, linked to our learning in science.  Photos to follow.

Bonkers Science Day 

Children from Year 1 to 6 were able to take part in a number of informative workshops on electricity, run by Will from Bonkers Science.  Children worked in groups to make their own membrane switches, which they could then use to light up mini houses.  A huge thanks to Will for making so enjoyable for the children. 


Bonkers Science Day 4/12/2019

Term 2 - PE   Gymnastics 

This term Nightingales Class have been working on balance and have practised different techniques using gym equipment.

Topic Web Autumn Term 2

Investigating Properties of Materials

Nightingales Class investigated the best material to use to make a lunch box.

Topic Web Term 1 - Autumn 2019

Using microscopes to study the parts of a flower

Topic Web Term 5 2019


Well done to Nightingales!  A super effort by the children bringing to life their favourite book characters.  More photos to follow.



A super start to term 4 - Launching 


This week we have taken part in science afternoon at South Wilts.  Linked to our science topic (forces), the children made a trebuchet and used it to launch tennis balls.  Despite the rain, the children had an amazing time.  The session finished with an opportunity to launch rockets.  Look out for their recounts of the event.

Starting this Wednesday (27th March 2019) Nightingales will be taking part in Healthy Me Bitesize.

Every Wednesday afternoon this term (for 1 hour), they will looking at healthy eating and taking part in some fun physical activities (this week it was a star jump challenge).  There will be some homework linked to these sessions for them to share with you at home.  It would be really helpful if you could encourage them to complete this before the next session on the following Wednesday.



Nightingales are excited to be taking part in the Christingle Service at the Cathedral tomorrow (6th December).

Term 2 Week 2 

13th November 2018 


The individual classes  took part in a series of workshops today, as part of our whole school focus on the Armistice and the end of World War 1.  The workshops involving drama and poetry - entitled 'Poppies and Poetry' were then shown to the whole school.  Nightingales focus was the Battle of the Somme.  They performed some emotive poetry based on the events surrounding the battle.


Poppies and Poetry

Poppies - 100 years - Lest We Forget

Term 2 


Nightingales have had an amazing first week back at school learning about World War 1 and hope to be able to share some of their work next Friday.


They have also been lucky enough to take part in a murder investigation at South Wilts Grammar School. A huge thank you to everyone involved, especially Mrs Penwarden who looked after us for the afternoon.  A fanatstic opportunity which the children really enjoyed.


This term the children will be improving their football skills during PE - photographs to follow.


17th October 2018.  Linked to the theme of 'Homes'  Nightingales have spent today working on some artwork in the style of Gabi Gimenez a French artist and Traveller.  Creating designs with pastel and paint, using bright and bold blocks of colour. 

Their work will form part of a display at County Hall Trowbridge in January of next year.

Creating the artwork

Some of the amazing pastel work - ready to be displayed!

Our finished work

Vultures - Are they worth saving?


Linked to our visit to the Hawk Conservancy during the summer term, Nightingales have just completed some persuasive writing to accompany their fantastic water-colour paintings which are on display outside the classroom.

Water-colour and ink paintings

Jessica Townsend - The Calling of Morrigan Crow
Nightingales and Owls Class visited Godolphin School today (4th October 2018) and met the author Jessica Townsend.  This was the first in a  number of planned talks to be given by Jessica promoting her new book - The Calling of Morrigan Crow.  We were lucky enough to be able to buy copies of the book before it is on sale generally.  Our sneak preview left excited children brandishing their own personalized copies, eager to read on, having gained an insight into some of Jessica's characters and what inspired them.   

Visit to meet the author - Jessica Townsend

Fantastic News - 26th September 2018 Author Visit 

Nightingales and Woodpeckers to visit Leehurst Swan School to see Cressida Cowell

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.


Topic Web Term 1

Letter for parents/carers September 2018