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Online Safety and The Fire Catcher

Online Safety workshop with NSPCC

Online Safety workshop with NSPCC 1
Online Safety workshop with NSPCC 2
Online Safety workshop with NSPCC 3
During our online safety workshop with Steph, we acted out the story of the three little pigs.  We created a still scene for a 'photograph' and we had to decide whether the picture was suitable to be shared online.  It was important to decide if there was any personal information which should be kept private.  We also talked about identify and reputation as part of this workshop.

Woodpeckers at Salisbury Playhouse

Woodpeckers at Salisbury Playhouse 1

On Thursday 7th February, Woodpeckers walked to Salisbury Playhouse.  We went to see a performance in the Salberg theatre.  The play was called 'The Fire Catcher' and it was brilliant, funny and clever.  We all enjoyed the two actors who told us the story of the coyote who wanted to steal fire.  This is a Native American myth, so it fitted in really well with our work on myths and legends this term.


Here is some of our work inspired by this production.

Picture 1
Picture 2