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Pantomime at the Playhouse and a day at Salisbury Cathedral

As part of the Playhouse 'Beginners Please!' project, Woodpeckers went to see the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk.  This was a first ever visit to the Playhouse for most of us and it was really exciting.  We enjoyed the colours, the lights, the singing, the dancing.  It was loud and funny and scary, too! 


We learned how to move around the stage and how to engage the audience, as well as being loud and clear.  We will show this learning in our own performances this year.

Puppet show at Salisbury Cathedral

Sally from Salisbury Cathedral came to visit us on Monday.  She prepared us for our day of workshops at the Cathedral on Thursday 7th December.  The theme of the day was 'Stars and Angels' and we were to produce a puppet show on the Nativity story.


Woodpeckers have been learning about the Nativity with Mrs Fielder in RE, so we were very knowledgeable when it came to the different parts of the story.  We chose characters and wrote some lines to say.  The characters included Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and Wise Men, but also a spider in the stable and the camels which carried the Wise Men. 


We thought about animated stories such as Disney's Beauty in the Beast, when the clock and teapot come to life.  Sally also read to us from the beautiful book 'Refuge', which is written in the first person from the point of view of the donkey which carried Mary to Bethlehem.

Drama and singing at Salisbury Cathedral

In the morning, we practised singing some songs: Little Donkey, Away in a Manger and So let's dance and rejoice.  We added some actions and played some musical instruments.  One of the groups was recorded singing Little Donkey and this should be uploaded to the Cathedral's 'Vlogmass' page in a week or so.


We also did some drama and acted out the words which we had written for our characters.  It was fun to use the puppets and bring our scenes to life.

The Nativity puppet show

We enjoyed performing the interactive play at the end of the day, using the puppets and saying the words we had written.  We were the audience but we also had to do some acting (Mary packing for the journey, being an Angel, riding on a camel) and we sang our songs.