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Performance poetry and making mummies

National Poetry Day

On National Poetry Day (Thursday 28th October), we chose some poems to read and perform.  Over the following days we practised and prepared and then performed the poem to the class.  There was a panel of judges who decided whether or not we could go through to the next round.  It was good fun and it was a great way of improving our reading skills.  We really enjoyed reading lots of poems and we also had a go at writing our own.

Making mummies

We have been learning to how make mummies.  We looked at a set of instructions about how they made mummies in ancient Egypt.  We had to tell the class the steps involved in making a mummy and then some of us had a go at 'mummifying' each other using lots of bandages. 


Also, we are making paper models of a mummy which will go inside a sarcophagus, with a base and a lid. It's quite a complicated model so we are doing this very carefully.


Once we had learned about the process, we pretended to be Achillas, one of the people who makes mummies, and we wrote letters with instructions to children of the future.  Here are some extracts from our instructions.