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Performing at Salisbury Playhouse

Viking Saga Songs at Salisbury Playhouse

On Friday 6th July, Woodpeckers performed their Viking Saga Songs play at Salisbury Playhouse.  After many weeks of work, lots of practising, lots of learning lines and singing of songs, we acted in The Salberg.  It was very exciting but we were also very nervous.  Our dress rehearsal went really well and the final performance was even better. It was lovely to perform to an audience made up of children from Nightingales and Blackbirds as well as parents, friends and family.


Ms Chisnall and Mrs Fielder came to watch and they said they'd really enjoyed our performance.  Lots of parents said how much they'd enjoyed seeing their children take part.  Well done, everybody!

Woodpeckers' backstage thoughts

Here are the thoughts of the children in Woodpeckers as they prepare to perform on a real stage at Salisbury Playhouse.  After weeks of preparation, we are ready to perform to visitors in the Salberg theatre.  As you can see, we have mixed feelings.  We hope our audience really enjoys our play.