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Playhouse creative workshop and 3d shapes

Creative workshop with Playhouse Kate

Kate from Salisbury Playhouse came in to work with us on our performance.  We are preparing a musical play about Viking sagas, ready for our day in the Salberg in July.  Kate taught us how to move in time to the music and gave us acting tips.  We pretended to be Vikings on a longship and goblins in a cave.


We are looking forward to working on our play and performing on Friday 6th July at the Playhouse.  Parents, governors, friends and family will be invited to come along and watch.  Please put the date in your diary.

Building 3d shapes from nets

The best way to learn the properties of 3d shapes is to make models of them from nets.  We have been building: cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, tetrahedron, octahedron, triangular prism, pentagonal prism, hexagonal prism, octagonal prism and icosahedron.  We are using them to talk about faces, edges and vertices.