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Read to succeed and electrical circuits

Using VIPERS to understand a text

In these photographs, you can see Woodpeckers applying VIPERS skills to a chapter in Bear Grylls' 'The Desert Adventure'.  We worked together in groups to answer questions about the text.


V - Vocabulary (the words used)

I - Inference (working out what is meant)

P - Prediction (guessing what might happen next)

E - Explain (saying what something means or what is happening)

R - Retrieve (finding facts and words in the text)

S - Summarise (telling in a few words what is written)

Eletrical circuits

This week we all made simple electrical circuits.  We used cells (AA batteries) in a battery holder, two crocodile clips and either a lamp in a lamp holder or a motor.  Everyone managed to make the lamp light and the motor run.  Many of us also made a paper disc with coloured patterns, to see what happened when we put it on the motor.

Technical workshop with Playhouse Kate

We had a technical workshop with Kate from Salisbury Playhouse.  She gave us a short script and we had to think about the characters' costumes, what the set would look like and what the sound effects should be.  We used some instruments and other items to produce sound, as well as using effects on a computer.  After some rehearsal, we performed our play to our classmates.