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Salisbury Cathedral: Christmas Celebration

Salisbury Cathedral: Christmas Celebration

On Friday 2nd December, Woodpeckers visited Salisbury Cathedral.  Many of us had not been inside the Cathedral before and we were very excited.  We went for a Christmas Celebration day with the theme: shuttered windows and small doors.  During the morning, we took part in drama activities, including freeze frames or tableaux.  We acted as angels, shepherds and the main characters of the Nativity: Mary, Joseph, the innkeeper, King Herod. 


After a quick lunch, we built a large Advent calendar, putting together numbered boxes which created the town of Bethlehem while we re-enacted scenes from the Nativity story and sang songs such as 'Little Donkey' and 'Come and join the celebration'.  It was very clever and we enjoyed using the props to remind us of our parts.


Woodpeckers really showed their RE knowledge and impressed the people at the Cathedral with their ideas and their super reading and singing.  Miss Harvey is very proud of them.

Freyda's writing journal entry about our day at Salisbury Cathedral